1000mg/ml Nicotine

Name: Nicotine

Brand:Xian Taima

Strength: 1000mg

Origin: China

Chemical Formula: C10H14N2

CAS: 54-11-5

Purity: 99.99%

Appearance: colourless, clear, free from suspended matter

Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging at temperature 0-10℃

Shelf life: 2 years

Xian Taima is proud to announce that we are one of the largest pure liquid nicotine(1000mg/ml Nicotine,99.99 Nicotine,E-liquid Nicotine,vape liquid nicotine ) manufacturers in the world to create a product tailored to our customers needs. Through its use of highly advanced technologies and energy efficient business practices they have been leading the way in providing vape specific nicotine for over 9 years! Our goal is to provide ejuice manufacturers with consistent purity levels as close to 100% as humanly possible.

We last continue to fine tune the nicotine’s sensitive properties, specifically the oxidation rate, harshness, and odor. This is accomplished by advanced extraction processes and the highest quality source of tobacco plants known to man.

Pure nicotine :natural product that is extracted from tobacco leaves and then filtered and purified to our highest specifications. Pure Nicotine 99.99(1000mg/ml Nicotine,99.99 Nicotine,E-liquid Nicotine,vape liquid nicotine ) meets highest quality and purity standards confirmed by certificates issued by independent, accredited laboratories.

  • TAIMA’s pure nicotine products are specifically created for e-liquid manufacturing.
  • TAIMA’s  liquid nicotine products exceed USP standards.
  • TAIMA’s  selections of pure nicotine liquid undergo a meticulous testing, retesting, and verification process to ensure optimum purity, uniformity, and quality.

For manufacturers of designer e-liquid with nicotine, purchasing the highest quality ingredients is always a critical part of the process.  The associated purity level of the liquid nicotine extract is only one primary consideration.  You also demand a quality product from a reputable supplier with an excellent reputation for providing a uniform product from batch to batch.  Even the slightest variation in texture, color, odor, or taste can wreak havoc on the delicate flavor profiles of your DIY vape juices.  When you buy pure nicotine extract fromTaima, you never need to worry about product consistency.  The flavor combinations of your e-liquid recipes remain crisp, clean, and un-muted.

Pure Liquid Nicotine Packing & Delivery

99.99% Pure nicotine package:For safe transportation, our packaging is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L fluorinated bottles.

99.99% Pure nicotine Delivery:In order to better pass customs,we always change the nicotine name into essential oil or customer-                specified name.In transportation, we have a wealth of experience, as long as you tell us the country, we will give you professional advice.

Read Before Buying:

When working with nicotine it is important to have a good knowledge of the potential danger and correct safety practices. Please proceed with caution;

  • -Wear gloves, or clean spills off your skin immediately.
  • -Take extreme care to avoid splashing in your eyes.
  • -Don’t mix or handle nicotine liquids around children.
  • -Store all nicotine liquids in a secure, safe place.
  • -Make absolutely sure your calculations are correct when mixing doublers with high strength nicotine liquid.

Please do some thorough research about safe handling practices, the consequences of spillages, incorrect nicotine mixing, and the symptoms of over dosing on nicotine BEFORE you purchase it.